Evolve 4R Rotary Hyper Flex Backing Plate with Deep Cell Foam, White (5 Inch)
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Evolve R4 backing Plates - the Backing Plates that adjusts where you need, when you need it, The First adaptive pad that bends, flexes, adapts and adjusts. Evolve R4 backing Plates Move With You

Double Body Hook-And-Loop- the complete family of New Backing Plates from The Chemical Guys have been reinvented and redesigned not only from the design standpoint but every other standpoint as well. best backing plate evolove r4 backing plateIntegrated-Variable hook-And Loop- More security that your pads stay stuck to the backing plate. Two separate Hook-And loop lengths and direction insures that any make, style and variation of pads: Hex-Logic, Lake Country CCS, Lake Country, MPT, and any foam or wool pad securely and safely adheres to Evolve backing plates without coming or flying off ! Some backing plates have short hook-and-loop some have long. Depending on the material used on foam and wool backing plates certain tradition backing plates do not grip correctly. To avoid any confusion Evolve-Hyper Flex Blacking Plates- have an integrated variable Hook-And-Loop, making it easy to apply and remove any kind of pads to the backing plate.