Extreme Orange Heavy Duty Degreaser & All Purpose Cleaner (1 Gal) CLD_201
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Product Description

Extreme Orange is a heavy duty degreaser and an all purpose cleaner in one. Extreme Orange fights grease with the power of a degreaser and a superior cleaner.

Extreme Orange is extremely concentrated and can be diluted to desired cleaning needs. Extreme Orange Heavy Duty Degreaser and All Purpose Cleaner rapidly breaks down automotive grime, grease, oil and dirt easy and without the need for hard scrubbing. It can be easily rinsed away clean. Like all Chemical Guys products, Extreme Orange is 100% VOC compliant so it meets California's strict air quality standards. Double cleaning power works like a cleaner and a degreaser working twice as hard to cut through heavy grease and grime. Extreme Orange rinses clean without leaving behind any white reside or stains. Extreme Orange breaks the bond that heavy grease and dirt have on the surface allowing years of filth and build-up grime to be rinsed clean fast and easy. Undercarriages, filthy engine bays, greasy tires and dirty wheel arches can be degreased and rinsed clean exposing the original condition of your vehicle.