Gripper Applicator System, 5 Inch, 3 Pack - ACC_2004
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Product Description

The Gripper Applicator System is an ergonomically shaped durable aerospace plastic handle that will not break or become brittle even when left in the sun for weeks.

The unique shape allows it to easily and effectively hold all round designed foam pads, cotton pads or microfiber pads using a tough hook and loop backing. The Gripper Applicator System includes three 5 inch closed cell foam pads. The Gripper System combined with the included premium pads makes applying your favorite product a breeze. Easy gripping cuts your work time in half. The included pads can be washed ans reused. Wash them with Microfiber Wash in a washing machine or by hand in a bucket. Agitate with your hands or with a brush and rinse. Let pads air dry. Always store the dry pads in plastic bags to keep them clean for your next detail.