Hose Free ECOwash (16 oz) CWS_888_16
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The Hose Free ECOwash is perfect for mobile detailers or anyone who likes to detail while traveling. Some apartment complexes do not provide hose access, so you can still wash your car with this formula.

The Hose Free ECOwash is also perfect for people that live in areas where it is too cold to wash your car outside. With the Hose Free ECOwash, you can wash your car in your garage without getting everything around it wet. You can wash your entire vehicle in half the time with the ECOwash and still get a super high shine. Too much direct sun and high temperatures can make your vehicle prone to water mark etchings while washing. The Hose Free ECOwash allows you to wash your vehicle without the fear of getting water marks. With the Hose Free ECOwash you can also quickly give your vehilce a wipe down or pin point a specific area without leaving a mess on the areas that are already clean. The versatility of this formula is outstanding and makes it a must have for virtually any detailer or enthusiast.