Heavy Duty Contoured Tire Applicator - ACC_205
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Product Description

The Heavy Duty Contoured Tire Applicator is a heavy duty tire dressing applicator that is made of a memory foam pad that retains product without slipping or dripping.

This tire applicator adds comfort and ease to applying dressings to tires. The premium soft, non-slip handle is comfortable and provides the leverage needed to apply the right amount of pressure during application. The unique curved designed of this applicator allows the memory foam pad to adapt to the surface while maintaining a smooth, even coat of dressing without the mess. The premium handle ensures you will not get your hands dirty during application. The Heavy Duty Contoured Tire Applicator works with all types of dressings: oil-based, silicone-based and solvent-based. The large 7" x 4" pad is perfect for low profile tires, regular sized tires and even large sized tires.