CG Speed Wipe Quick Detailer (1 Gal) - WAC_102
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Product Description

CG Speed Wipe is 100% wax free, formulated with pure gloss enhancers to deliver a mirror perfect finish to any type of finish. CG Speed Wipe is formulated to repel dust by reducing static cling to the paint's surface.

CG Speed wipe shines, repels and protects using UVA and UVB light blocking agents. Achieve a show stopping high shine finish is seconds. CG Speed Wipe detailer greatly reduces static charge left on surface limiting air born dust deposits by over 50% and greatly reducing the risk of scratching delicate paint surfaces. CG Speed Wipe contains no wax or film, it is non-streaking extremely slick, no-effort, single wipe detailers choice spray and wipe detailer. The new anti-static quick shine formula reduce surface static by over 75%. By reducing static caused during surface friction like drying, quick detailing, wax removal and application, CG Speed Wipe greatly reduces surface scratches and dust adhesion.