Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant (16 oz) - WAC_767_16
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Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant provides a durable protective wet mirror-like finish to all paint surfaces and clear-bra covered surfaces.

Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant is designed and developed to clean and protect vinyl wraps, clear bra, paint protection film and vinyl wrap vehicles. Clear Seal Gloss Enhancer & Protectant maximizes the appearance of any finish while also extending the life of any life. Clear Seal delivers maximum depth, shine, clarity, reflectivity and a wet mirror-like shine. The unique formulation of Clear Seal enables it to remove airborne contaminants, dust and residue without ever scratching the surface of the vehicle. Clear Seal is the first ever water-based built-in UV sun-guard and fade-guard, developed especially to enhance the glass-like appearance of clear bra and clear protective films. It is developed to resistant extreme temperatures and protect paint and clear bra finishes from the damaging and fading effects of the sun.