Our Team
Peter K Chacko - M D – Britannica of Automobiles
The man behind Pete's. He is the heart and soul of Pete's. Pete's was set up in January 2005, due to his passion and dream to bring to India what the rest of the world has. He is also involved in the hospitality, construction and confectionery businesses.
Dimpu Peter - Director Sales
Little did she know she would end up learning something she knew nothing about. A few years ago she could not spell AUTOMOBILE. Today she talks only BHP and TORQUE. Do we need to say more!!!
Geevarghese Oommen (VINU) - General Manager
Always been a part of Pete's since he handled all our computer related stuff from Day 1. Officially IN for a few years now taking care of complete Operations. Warning guys don't ask him anything IT now cause you may get only a suspension or Performance answer. Shocking what the Pete's experience can do to some.
Joseph Manak - Manager (Marketing)
Marketing Manager
Leena . T. M – Customer Service
She is the most likely person to answer your calls. She deals with all our customers and troubles them for feed back.
Saji P V – Chief Accountant
He makes sure we have the resources at the right places at the right time. Our finance planner.
Simmy Sebastian – Asst Accountant
Our latest help. Still getting used to all of us. Simple and humble to the core.
Dijo George - Online Store
Online Store
Santhosh Kumar - Chief Technician
Knows Skoda cars from top to bottom. Only terms like VAS and VAG make any sense to him. With loads of experience in the automobile field he is our machine expert.
Adam - Technician
His experience with Honda Cars and his do anything mentality keeps him going where others usually dont. The Electrical expert in our team.
Muthu - Asst. Technician
Our chief's right hand. Ready to learn anything new & ready to work anytime you need, he is our all rounder.